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Salmon, cod, trout, tuna, swordfish, eel, sea bass, hake, octopus… For over 30 years, we’ve been bringing you the most innovative smoked foods of the finest quality. Our products deliver a festive, delicious, unique and unforgettable experience, guaranteed.

The best raw materials, totally artisanal production methods, cutting-edge technology, constant and rigorous quality control, a highly specialized team and, most importantly, your imagination. There are no better ingredients for creating and enjoying the finest smoked delicacies.

Welcome to Benfumat, smoked foods with imagination.

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Our wild king salmon, fished in Alaska, is a natural, sustainable product obtained from fish that spend their adult lives in the waters of the northern Pacific Ocean. And our farm-raised fish comes from fish farms in northern Norway. Fresh fish from across the globe are brought to our master smokers at our 2,500-square-metre facilities in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona).

With a very slow-burning hardwood fire and the utmost respect for traditional artisanal methods, they achieve that tantalizing smoky aroma. But their smoking technique is adapted to what we call the “Mediterranean style”, much subtler in terms of smoky and salty intensity to preserve the fish’s natural flavour.

Once the fish is smoked, they prepare the different cuts (thin slices, chunks, loins), and finally they combine the pure, delicate flavour of salmon with ingredients that enhance the tasting experience (nori, wasabi, sesame seeds, gold, truffles, dill).

What are you waiting for? Add a bit of imagination and get ready for a unique experience that’ll make your senses swoon.