With a salad or scrambled eggs; with a gin & tonic or a glass of wine, cava or chilled champagne; with your children or the neighbour; with a bit of high blood pressure or a few extra pounds; with the family on Christmas Eve, your mates by the pool or your co-workers at the office; with grandma’s china or your fingers… and, above all, with imagination. With Benfumat, you’ll discover that smoked foods can help you to enjoy a world of infinite experiences. We provide the quality and innovation, and you bring the imagination.

Smoked foods with imagination


Smoked foods

Salmon, cod, trout… as many as 10 different smoked delicacies. The best morsels on the side. Infinite cuts, ingredients, formats, preparations and pairings. Here you’ll find all of our products and presentations.
Don’t stop looking, because every day we’ll surprise you with more novelties.




With Imagination

Here you’ll find plenty of recipes to enjoy our smoked foods with imagination. At Benfumat we know and believe that smoked foods aren’t just for special occasions. They also make the perfect breakfast, snack or meal on the go… Anywhere and anytime, alone or with friends. Add some smoked flavour to your menus and you’ll never regret it.